December 31, 2016

2016. What a year! We travelled around the world, entered into our third year of marriage, and started the hunt to buy our first house! It was a year full of adventure and excitement but it was also a year lined with change and heartache…

In early October we were so excited to find out that we were pregnant. But only a short two weeks later, we miscarried our little baby in the ER.

Losing a child has been the hardest thing we’ve ever experienced. But through it all, we’ve found that this time following our loss has been, ironically, bittersweet. Bitter, for obvious reasons, as we grieve the loss of our baby. Bitter because of all the lost opportunities. Bitter because the end came without a beginning. And bitter because we know that this will be a wound we carry in our hearts forever.
Sweet because we have hope that we will one day meet our baby boy, Remy Isaiah, in heaven. Sweet because we have been surrounded with the most supportive, compassionate, and generous community. And sweet because, even if for only a short time, Remy brought us so much joy and we consider him our greatest gift.

So as we enter into this new year, uncertain of what it holds, we know for certain that God is good. Through the highs and the lows, He is faithful and He is always deserving of our praise.

Here’s to 2017 and all that it has in store!

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